Just Adjust Strap

Just Adjust Strap

Adjustable so it's never to loose or too tight.

Just Adjust Strap

Just Adjust Strap
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The Just Adjust Strap is ground breaking technology, combining elasticity and ridgidity, tension release, adjusting to any length, and has copyrighted patterns heat transferred to the Polyester webbing.

Just Adjust’s unique dual side SelectStretch design Just Adjust is the adjustable-stretch tie-down strap. Unlike ordinary bungee cords which never seem to adjust quite right, or can release or break, Just Adjust always adjusts to the perfect tension. It’s never too loose or too tight.


  • Overall length is 2' 3.5″L x 1.25″W, made from abrasion resistant Polyester webbing.
  • 1/2 Polyester Heavy Duty Military Grade Elastic Webbing
  • 1/2 Polyester Heavy Duty Grade Webbing
  • Professionally tested in the USA by UL. Tested/Working strength upwards of 1000 pounds.
  • All stitching is triple stitched with square/cross with heavy duty high tenacity yarn.
  • 2 vinyl coated S hooks, which protect from scratches and abrasion.
  • 2 Steel Loops as support and guides when adjusting
  • 1 Steel D Ring for a grip to pull tight
  • Heavy duty steel cam-lock buckle with heavy duty steel spring for a secure lock.
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How To Use:

The Just Adjust Strap Adjusts by pushing the “Press” button of the cam buckle and pulling the elastic webbing to your desired length. Hook both sides and Pull the D ring until tight.

To Release, Push the “Press” button again and un-hook the strap.

Bonus Features:

3 loops created to give the user extra functionality for whatever his/her needs.

Also intertwine the hooks and extra lengths are created.

Patterned Polyester facts:

  • Thickness of 0.04 to 0.065 of an inch
  • Breaking strength of 3585 pounds (maximum recommended working load 1200 pounds)
  • Melting point of 500 degree fahrenheit
  • Endless Patterns
  • Mud Proof, Sand Proof, Water Proof, Weather Proof, etc…

Custom Private Labeling Is Available. Contact us for more information.

This Patterned Polyester Webbing is Brotherhood Adrenaline District’s very own heat transferred creations. Heat transferring is a process by virtually tattooing the ink into the webbing. This process is done in house, and it allows us to create custom patterns, logos, designs, etc. Please note: the process may cause the width of the webbing to shrink. For that reason, if your projects require 1 inch, please be aware and specify in the notes section your requirements. Please send your requests to brotherhoodbad@gmail.com.

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2 reviews for Just Adjust Strap

  1. Anthony Smith

    Small Cargo
    Works amazingly for all my small cargo. Plus you can’t over-tighten and damage your cargo because they stretch!
    I really need to get a couple long ones.

  2. Brien

    Best straps around
    I love these straps i use them not daily but a lot, I keep at least two in my truck. I have used them for gifts as well. what i really like about them is the different look that these have, than your usual one color straps.

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