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Unlike ordinary bungee cords which never seem to adjust quite right, or can release or break, Just Adjust always adjusts to the perfect tension. It’s never too loose or too tight.

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The Just-Adjust Just Right Guarantee

If your Just-Adjust adjustable-stretch tie-down strap isn't easier to use than a ratchet strap and more effective than a bungee, we will give you your money back, no questions asked.

A bungee that is too loose will come undone. This essentially defeats the purpose of a tie-down and puts your load at risk. Or, if it’s too tight, it makes deployment difficult and when its time to unload, a bungee can turn into a loaded gun, dangerously recoiling back at an unsuspecting victim. With Just Adjust, you can adjust the heavy-duty strap to the exact tension you need. Moderately tight for more fragile or soft loads, or plenty tight for stout, heavier loads. Just Adjust uses heavy-duty strapping, instead of a rubber cord like an ordinary bungee. Strapping is far more reliable for strength, and a lot less likely to disintegrate over time when left in the elements.

And, Just Adjust’s unique dual side SelectStretch design – one side elastic and the other a non-stretch strap, uses a cam buckle to connect them and is easy to use and lets you choose how much tension you want for any given job. It also allows for easier, safer disengagement.

The adjustable-stretch tie-down strap

Adjustable so it’s never to loose or too tight.

Patented SelectStretch™ design

Dual-sided adjustability allows you to customize the amount of stretch


A JustAdjust strap will never come flying back at you

UV and All Terrain Proof

Don’t worry about mold, mildew, or rot ever again.

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