Instructions and Warnings

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The Just-Adjust Just Right Guarantee

If your Just-Adjust adjustable-stretch tie-down strap isn't easier to use than a ratchet strap and more effective than a bungee, we will give you your money back, no questions asked.


Warranty for this product is VOID if use of these products is not in compliance with all of the following instructions and warnings. The warranty and other liability for these products are limited to its purchase price if it proves to be defective in material and/or workmanship. The attachment, installation and use of these products is critical and beyond the control of the manufacturer or distributor and neither will be responsible or liable for improper attachment, installation, or use.

WARNING: Do NOT exceed the working load limit of these products shown on the packaging for these products. Each time before you use these products, evaluate the working load requirements of the intended use.

WARNING: Always inspect these products before use. DO NOT use if hardware is damaged, bent, corroded, abraded, or worn. DO NOT use if webbing is cut, frayed, burned, melted, abraded, or if webbing has been exposed to excessive sunlight and weather.

WARNING: Use these products only as follows:

NEVER exceed the load limit for these products.

NEVER stand directly in the path of a load under tension.

DO NOT pass webbing over hot exhaust, drive train, or chain.

Use these products only as a tie down. DO NOT use these products for lifting, towing, or personal restraint.

These products are consumable and will deteriorate after continued use and through exposure to weather and sunlight. DO NOT use these products if its strength or condition is suspect.

Tighten and loosen these products by hand only. DO NOT use extension bar lever or other tools.

ALWAYS make sure that the areas of attachment for these products on vehicle or trailer are of sufficient strength to hold load.

Loads can shift and settle. Check tie downs often. ALWAYS check attachment and installation, after first 10 miles and every 25 miles thereafter.

ALWAYS protect webbing from heat and corrosive materials and from sharp edges and tools.

ALWAYS check/chock wheels and set brakes on any wheeled goods tied down with these products.

ALWAYS be cautious when securing objects, which may be exposed to winds at highway speeds or otherwise. High-speed airflow can greatly increase the effective weight of a load. Be sure to use sufficient tie down straps. When unsure, use more tie down straps rather than less.

ALWAYS when securing items with suspension systems (e.g. motorcycles), compress the suspension system when tightening the straps. Apply equal tension to front and rear.

For maximum load capacity, hooks and ratchet must be in line with the direction of pull.

Refer to Federal, State, Provincial, Industry, or local regulations for proper tie down methods.

These straps can be stretched more than 50%, but could cause failure of strap or hook and result in serious eye or other injury.

It is advisable to wear protective eyewear such as safety glasses when stretching, fastening, or releasing tension on these products. Do not stretch toward or away from you to avoid being struck by hooks. Pull to one side and keep your face and body away from rebound path.

DO NOT use to hold large or flat surfaces that react to wind, like plywood, or mattresses. To Depress and Adjust the Metal Cam Buckles Press down on the “Press” Button and adjust or release tension.